“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
— Jim Rohn

My last day of work at the JDRF office was incredibly weird.  It felt like I was cleaning out my locker after graduation.  For the first time in over six years, my inbox was…empty.  When I walked out the door after 5pm, the theme song from Cheers became stuck in my head.  I’m going from an office where everyone knows me to one where I’m the new girl.

Like high school, though, I had a case of senioritis at JDRF.  That feeling of needing to grow and learn more.  I didn’t make the decision to leave because I grew tired of the mission.  If nothing else, I am more excited about our progress and the future of diabetes management therapies and technology than ever before!  I simply had smushed my face against a professional ceiling (which becomes very uncomfortable after time) and then reached the conclusion that I would make a better impact on our mission as a volunteer than as a paid staff member.

There are so many things I feel I should know about my career, marketing, that I do not.  A chance to learn and apply can only be found through deliberate change.

Over my six and a half years with JDRF, I have met so many that have become family to me.  Whether they consider me family or not is moot.  They are the family I have taken hostage and claimed my own.  Expect me at family gatherings.  I’m the vegetarian holding a fruit salad.

Because of all the people I have met living with type 1 diabetes that are waiting for better until gone, I will volunteer and continue to be a part of an organization pursuing better treatments, cure therapies and a future free of type 1 diabetes.  That one shot cure does not exist, but steadily cure therapies will contribute to cures.  By no means soon, but by no means impossible.  I am one of the ones that believes in cures, and I am one of the ones that believe we need them.

One thing I have learned is that disease plays a different game in each person.  I can currently control my epilepsy with one type of oral medication and routine.  Others cannot, battling seizures daily and losing part of their independence.  Some with type 1 diabetes have blood glucose levels more in range more often, are able to accomplish much more than others who work equally as hard and cannot achieve “control.”  Disease can inspire you and it can burden you.  For those who are burdened more than others, we must continue to fight and not pretend that disease can be conquered only through positive thoughts and a lecture.  Quality of life must continue to get better for everyone, until there is no enemy to fight.

I pray this new career will bring growth and fulfillment.  What I know it will bring is new experiences, which are necessary.  I will be working with a reputable company to market nutrition, health and wellness.  Along the way, I hope to become more healthy in mind and body, and therefore able to give more back to my family.  All my family.

7 thoughts on “Until They’re Found

  1. I have been blessed by getting to know you through JDRF and I hope that we can continue to grow our friendship. Thanks for bringing me on board. Best of luck to you in your new job, I know you will rock it!

  2. JDRF just lost it’s biggest cheerleader and best assett but, you are like a curious kitty and I know you will flourish in your new position 🙂 Miss you much!

  3. You are one of the most beautiful people I have known. You will flourish no matter what you do. I do miss you my dear! Take care. Kisses

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