“Health food makes me sick.”
Calvin Trillin

My mom used to let me lick the beaters.  I really loved fluffy sugar butter back in the day.

After my dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my mom learned to cook healthier.  Then I learned as an adult to bake healthier.  But, it is always much more fun to cook guilty pleasure food.  The rich, the decadent, the “so bad it’s good” items.  Why?  Because people love you more.  Love and adoration for the cook comes easier when food is rich.  I speak truth!

In college, I decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle, starting with what I ate.  It came in stages, but my meals slowly became more organic, less meat, less saturated fat and full of whole grain goodness.  Then I became a veggie (lacto-ovo vegetarian is the more”annoying to other people” term), so I am on my own in most cases now.

My mother (see previous post) opened a true to form diner, so the food served is comfort food.  She serves healthy options, and you can actually order the food any way you want it (egg white omelette with fresh veggies, please!), but ironically, that’s not what people come for.  My mom sells a lot of gooey cinnamon rolls.

I had a dream I ate french fries from Sonic and woke up nauseated.  I savor my protein pancakes, my soy grilled cheese sandwiches and my baked tofu.  To me, deliciousness.  To others, I have hypersensitive taste buds, because everything I eat apparently to them tastes like newspaper.   I am the rebel child.

My mother creates rich decadence, pleasing to the eye and palate.   My mission is to create healthy food that tastes delicious, too.

Will I be successful?  I have had some successes in the past.  Check back for some of my experiment results.

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