I adopted a new puppy.  Eight weeks old.  Possible Australian Shepherd/Blue Healer mix.  She came from a friend and colleague of my mother’s.  We both hail from the same small farming community.  She is named Sydney because of her prominent breed, Rosita as a triubute to our late Blue/Red Healer mix, and Callie as a tribute to Boyfriend’s late dog of the same mix.  She bears my surname.

She is a baby that acts like one.  She chews and makes grunting noises even in her sleep.  Dublin was not happy.  After two full days of the pup, he is starting to make progress, even approaching her for a sniff once in a while.  I look forward to the time when her legs are a bit longer and we can go on walks together.  A time when she no longer needs puppy pads or our constant attention during her waking hours.  Right now her personality has yet to be formed.

I thought bringing her home was one of the most stupid things I had ever done.  Right now, I’m on the fence, but she stays with me to prove me wrong.


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