Yesterday Boyfriend and I ventured out to visit my parents.  This trip was more a play date for the puppies as anything else, as my parents adopted Sydney’s sister, Osa.  Desperate to socialize with other pups, we decided to make the drive for Sydney’s mental health.  We stopped first at Petco, where I spent an exorbitant amount of money on dog supplies, as Sydney needs this and we need that.

Once down there,  Dad drove us out to a local canyon, a landscape that is a complete break from the llano.  Mom calls it “Star Trekky”  because it looks like all those old episodes where they land on other planets.  I had been there two times before, but Boyfriend had not, so we took a very quick trip.  The puppies had so much fun  running in the loose dirt.  The setting sun provided such a wonderful sight, as sun rays pierced the rocks.  We talked and joked and the pups growled and yipped and slept.  We hurried home to make homemade dog biscuits (well, from a mix), and to give the pups a bath.  With our little wet bundle of fur in tow, we headed home so Boyfriend could go to work, and I could go grocery shopping.  Back to the home planet.

Rock formations
Rock formations
Osa takes the window seat
Osa takes the window seat

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