Boyfriend has a good heart, loves cats, walks through the mall behind me, and indulges my cravings for outings of froyo and coffee. Sometimes, as my acting best friend, it’s easy to forget that underneath all the acts and love of strawberry scented candles, he is a dude. So, I need little reminders.

When people ask what I love most about Boyfriend, his best quality, what makes me not want to run over him with a car, but rather put gas in his, I always reply it is his faithfulness to me. We have been on and off for over 5 years. Even during the off, if I didn’t call him to check up, he would call me. Now, he tells me how beautiful I am every day. He has informally asked me to marry him many times, and although I have not replied in the affirmative, he is still here. Still asking.

Seems like the perfect guy, right? He doesn’t even check out other girls when I am around. If an attractive woman is around, I point her out to him. And yes, I am that cool.

So, Boyfriend caved and watched a chick flick with me. Even though there was plenty of nudity, Love and Other Drugs still fits squarely in the chick flick category. At the end, when all the sleaze is worn away and the movie gets really emotional, Jake Gyllenhaal pledges his loyalty in the face of lifelong degenerative disease, I thought, “Wow, I really feel that Boyfriend would say these exact words to me, if my disease took all of this devotion.” Before I can even turn to look at him, I hear him take a breath to say,

“What a homo.”

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