“The years teach much which the days never knew.” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

My 27th year was filled with great change and new challenges.  I changed jobs twice, moved twice and got a puppy.  Oh wait, that last one is slated for this next year, along with moving out (again) of a one bedroom apartment.

I took every opportunity that God presented to me and took great risk.  I mark my birthday in the midst of getting on my feet and feeling secure.  This past year has brought adventure.  That would be an understatement, actually.  With the love of my life, I have put my wings to flight and found so much “new.”  New is exciting, adds to experience, but also adds challenges.

I know myself to be a tough cookie.  I have a strength to take on challenges that present themselves to me, with the repetition of “This too shall pass” in my head.  What I was not prepared for was that this past year presented unprecedented challenges to my family and the people I love.  New and recurring health battles for my family and myself, along with the stress of finding stability in the “new” has left me emotionally and physically drained.

I needed to take today to stop the whirlwind of worry around my head and try to find meaning in it.  When my mother was 28 years old, she married the love of her life, my father.  In the next year, I plan to marry the love of my life, and build a foundation with him.  I am so grateful for Fiance.  This past year has taught me that you can lose important pieces of your life in an instant.  Relationships can change, money can disappear.  I have learned that I must cling to the important people.  My family, my friends and Fiance, my partner in everything.  Even Dublin.  I’m not going to fret that a wild bird of prey will swoop down upon our tiny balcony (at the exact time that I let Dublin outside to hunt for pine needles) and grabs him with his giant claws and whisks him away to be devoured.  No, I will just hug Dubbers every day and not dwell on his feline fragility.

The same applies with everyone and everything.  I will appreciate what I have while I have it.  Each moment and each day of my 28th year.



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