“Opportunity is a bird that never perches.”
~Claude McDonald

It’s taken me awhile to write this post, because I have been so busy with moving.  That’s a lie, actually.  I used to be busy with moving.  Now I’m still busy with being in a daze.

It wasn’t long ago, almost three years, that I wrote a post on moving a state to the west.  In the span of two weeks, it happened again.  From decision to execution was a total of three weeks.

Next stop:  Hawaii?

Fiance (formally named Boyfriend) and I had always thought about moving to California, but the dream was just that.  A “thought” not ready to  be converted to “plan.”  In fact, we had just moved into a bigger apartment in Phoenix.  But God has a loving sense of humor.  A job opportunity presented, and somehow, the pieces started falling into place.  Each day brought a new challenge that seemed unsurmountable, but it was taken care of by another blessing at the right time.  So, we are HERE.

Moving is a very large pain.  Moving with a cat is just painful and was at times for Fiance…bloody.  It was also wraught with price increases and expenses (which for me, are like cat scratches to my mind).  I am suffering greatly from sticker shock.  Everything is more expensive here.  I knew our rent would be outrageous as well as gas prices, but no, that applies to everything.  Everything.   I would not be surprised if I was slapped with a “Sticker Shock” tax.

Being in a daze, I often forget where I am.  I feel like I am waiting for my flight heading east, enjoying the ocean breeze before going home.  But this is home now.  It’s a very strange feeling to be living inside a vacation you can’t afford.

Fiance and I are young.  (Cat scratch that.  We are at an age where we forget that we are not that young and should know more about mortgage rates and retirement plans.)  Young enough to catch the wind of opportunity when it comes.  To see new things and set new goals.  Dream new dreams.

Back a state to the east, my friend just had her first baby and she and her husband moved into a house of their own.  Here, I’m thinking that Dublin needs kitty wipes from PetSmart but PetSmart is all the way across town.  More gas.  Can’t order the wipes, because of shipping and handling costs.  Everytime he coughs up a hairball, I think, “I’m not ready for children!  Omigod, I’m a horrible mother, can’t even care properly for my furson!  Oh, Lord, we need pet health insurance!”  Then Fiance takes care of the mess and I forget about the kitty wipes again.

So, before I reach the level of readiness that my friend has, I need more time to emerge from the daze, find as much financial security as the average Californian can before building the next dream.  Right now, I am incredibly happy.  I have a top-of-the-line man who loves me, a fluffy furkid, a place to live, a job to go to, a Honda, a family who loves me in a land far away, and most importantly, my faith that gives me confidence to take opportunities.

Sometimes, even now, even being drowned in getting back on our feet, Fiance and I dream of new nouns (mostly, places, things and ideas).  Places we want to visit, ways to make friends, career path opportunities, buying a home, adopting a puppy.

Dammit.  Kitty wipes.

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