“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” 
~Roy L. Smith

I’m not going Christmas shopping this year.

Sorry, friends and family that usually get stuff from me!

I didn’t really reach a spiritual realization.  I always knew the reason for the season and whatnot.  But along with celebrating the birth of my beloved Savior Jesus Christ for which I owe my entire life and salvation, I also enjoyed getting jam jams from Target and buying new sockies for Mom.

I miss shopping for friends and family and the furkids.  I missed Black Friday shopping for me and Fiance.

Reasons for the shopping abstinence?  Well, the rent is too damn high!  Seriously, the life-changing move Fiance and I made to California included tons of moving expenses coupled with a higher cost of living.  While we are getting on our feet and becoming Californians, we cannot partake in the material aspects of the season.

So, while we are being responsible adults with our finances, we are forced to really appreciate what Christmas is about.  Cookies.

We can fill the void of new things and buying Mr. Coffee Cocomotion machines for our loved ones (whose lives have yet to be changed by this device) by stuffing their faces with fattening cookies.  And cake.  Ingredients can be cheap, just add time and butter.

Also, this forces us to think about our blessings.  I will be with family in December.  I have my Fiance with me to hug me and dream about next year with.  The furkid cares not for new things, but only the box it came in.  Pinterest product boards and Etsy will be there next year, but these moments together are fleeting and must be appreciated for what they are – time together while it is gifted to us.

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