“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
— Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Grandma always used to tell me was all she wanted for me was that I be happy.

Let the New Year’s Day resolutions commence.  Already on all my social networking sites I have seen healthy recipes, exercise tips and lifestyle plans being tweeted, posted, emailed and pinned.  Among my past resolutions, I have resolved to lose weight, cut down on coffee, learn Spanish and take dance classes.  My favorite year was the one where I resolved to develop more muscle tone.  Ahh…good times in smaller pants.

Well, since losing the extra weight is now a weekly resolution, I am not setting myself up with that one.  Getting healthy is also a daily resolution, a constant balancing act of medication, meditation, exercise and most importantly…SLEEP.  Sorry, but Spanish and dancing will take a backburner again this year.  I know myself slightly better.  When I can, I will.

This year, I just want to focus on being happy in the moment.  Not a new resolution, but one that should be revived.  So much stress and fear this past year has broken my body.  Yet, I am still here.  One thing I have learned is that our good days can become a memory all too soon, within the  blink of an eye.  Money can dry up, disease can invade and the sense of security can dissipate.

I do not have all the things I want, and I have not accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, but I have today.   I can make the most of it, and appreciate the heartbeat of my fiancé under my cheek and the purr of my cat under my hand.  Tomorrow is a new day, but today is pretty sweet within itself.

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